JFK Assassination: 50 Years of Deceit

From the day of the assassination, many Americans suspected that a conspiracy, and not a lone gunman, was responsible for President Kennedy’s death. Polls taken that day through November 27, 1963 by Gallup showed 52 percent believing “some group or element” was behind the assassination. Since then, public opinion has consistently shown majorities, often large majorities, believing a conspiracy had been in place. In 1966, Mark Lane’s Rush to Judgment was published, spending six months on The New York Times best-seller list. The book accused the Warren Commission of “being biased towards its conclusions before the facts were known,” and cited evidence found within the 26 volumes of the Warren Report and in his interviews with witnesses which seemed to suggest bullets coming from multiple directions striking the president and hence a conspiracy. The Freedom of Information Act was also passed that year, which had the effect of permitting researchers greater access to once-secret government files, particularly those connected to the Warren Commission. To date, there is no consensus on who, among many players, may have been involved in a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. Those often mentioned as being part of a conspiracy include Jack Ruby, organized crime as an organization or organized crime individuals, the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the KGB, right-wing groups or right-wing individuals, President Lyndon Johnson, pro- or anti-Castro Cubans, the military and/or industrial groups allied with the military.


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