a conspiracy theorist is born everyday!!!!

for my first post on this weird blog, i present to you the story of an ordinary guy-man (who has kept himself anonymous for legal reasons) who has stumbled into the world of conspiracies because of something that happened to him while he was on the job. this post is meant to make yall THINK and encourage you to have an open mind while reading this blog. this man has stumbled upon a CIA covert research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans (AKA MIND CONTROL!) called Project MKUltra. his story is cross posted from one of my favorite conspiracy forums: r/conspiracy (a subreddit of the popular website reddit.com)

I work on an ambulance, occasionally read r/conspiracy, and had a call last night that made me question everything. Can anyone make some sense of this? (self.conspiracy)

submitted 4 days ago* by scaredemt

I’ve been working as a support staffer on an ambulance crew in upstate NY. Here 

[1] is proof of my certification. Most of my calls have been pretty typical (car crashes, heart attacks, sick old people, etc) and before last night I had never had a call that was in any way this terribly out of the ordinary, but here it goes.

I’m sitting around our base last night, just dicking around with one of the other staff members. Our pagers went off, and the dispatch tells us that we have a call for a standby at a house about 15 minutes away. He says that we have a possible EDP (emotionally disturbed person) and a possible gunshot wound, but the details aren’t in yet and the scene hasn’t been cleared by the cops yet so they want us to standby at a staging area around half a mile down the road from the house where the cops were making a makeshift control center. It should be noted that this is a rural area, so half a mile down the road means that there will be at most one more house before the target house. Basically, we’re in the middle of fucking nowhere.

We get to the staging area and wait around for about an hour. Given the nature of the call, we expected it to take a while for the police to clear the scene. They had to wait for a lot of backup to arrive including helicopters. The whole thing was really cool to watch. Naturally during this time we were listening to our police scanner to hear what was going on. There were a bunch of police logistics, which was cool to listen to, but something stuck out to me. The county dispatch told the cops that when a call went out at this house, the address had been flagged by the Feds and that nobody was allowed to move until they showed up. By that I mean that the police were allowed to enter the house, secure the scene, apprehend any suspects, and give them to us for medical treatment, but nobody was allowed to leave the scene until the feds arrived. This was odd but I was really pumped on the adrenaline of a call and didn’t think much of it.

Eventually, the suspect came out peacefully, the cops entered and cleared the house, and found the dead body. I heard on the dispatch that the feds wanted a picture and description of the dead body. The police sent it to them via a secure channel, so I don’t know the description. Once the feds saw the picture of the body, they put out an order not to move the suspect to the ambulance, and not to let him talk to anyone. The cops actually said over the scanner that they wanted him gagged, so the cops actually put tape over his mouth. I didn’t know they did that in real life.

We’re waiting around for another hour or so when two helicopters appear. We’re in a rural area, so they are able to land in a field with ease. Even in the dark, it was easy to tell by the noise and outline that these were military helicopters, kind of like this 

[2] . I don’t know how many people were in them because it was dark and they landed a bit away. Whoever was in it though, they spent about another hour inside of the house. Now, by this point it’s about 4am and I’m exhausted and just want to go home, and finally we’re told to expect a single patient who we should be treating as a dangerous EDP.

Two men in black suits (they looked like secret service or FBI or somethng) show up to the staging area, surrounded by the cops, and are escorting a suspect whose hands are bound. They tell us that they want him taken to a hospital that we don’t normally take patients to because it’s about an hour and a half away. It’s also very close to a military base. The cops help to restrain the suspect to the hospital bed while the men in black watch. Once this man has been completely restrained and literally cannot move, the men in black say a few things to the cops, and take off just as they came, in their helicopters.

Since we’re taking an EDP (and apparently an important one) three cops ride in the back of the ambulance with us. At first, the cops basically scream and intimidate at the patient every time he tries to talk, but over the next hour or so I guess they just got tired of it and let him blabber. Once the patient was finally able to speak, he spoke very frantically and honestly he sounded very off. He repeated the same few things several times.

He kept saying that he was going to be set up. That he was in danger, and that he’d been trained to kill. He told us to look up MK Ultra and that he was just the latest victim. He said that the movie theater shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting were just small parts of something big and that he was part of it somehow. He was pleading with us not to bring him back to the “suits” (as he referred to them) because they would never let him go. He said that he had woken up from a trance and knew that the “suit” would be coming to put him in another round of their “therapy” so he killed him before he could be put back in the trance. He said it was torture and he had been taken out of control.

Honestly, I just assumed that the guy was crazy. The whole thing was really weird but it was nearly 6am and I just didn’t have anything in me to try to connect any dots or anything. It was easy just to think the guy was crazy. He kept pleading with us not to take him to the suits because they would kill him, but our crew chief assured him that he was just going to the hospital. Honestly, none of us really gave a shit what happened to this guy, although by then we all knew that we were on one of those rare calls that you never really forget.

We finally get to the hospital, and the patient is just freaking out. We don’t care. We just want to go to sleep and we have at least a half hour of paperwork and then nearly two hours of driving to get through before we can go to sleep. Our shifts were supposed to have ended at 3am but once you get a call you’re on it until it’s over, regardless of when your shift ends.

So we’re maybe a minute from the hospital, when we get a dispatch on the radio saying that they don’t want us in the usual unloading section, and that due to the nature of the call they want us to park in the underground parking garage until the staff come to take care of it. I’d only been to this hospital twice, so I just assumed that this was the entrance to the psych ward.

We wait around the garage for a few minutes, when two black suburbans show up. We’re sitting in the ambulance when a group of four men in black suits show up and open up the back of the ambulance. They tell us all to get out and go to the front of the ambulance. One of the cops says that he isn’t allowed to leave the patient with these guys as they aren’t part of the EMS chain of command (these are out protocols as well, you are only allowed to leave a patient with a medical professional with an equal or higher level of certification than your own. The lead suit man looks at him, snarles, and says word for word “I don’t give a fuck about your command, we’re taking this faggot.” By this point the patient is literally screaming for help and begging us not to leave him with them but we’re in a vacant underground garage and nobody gives a shit. The cops and the men with suits stand off for a few seconds, before the cop tells his men to come with him and get out. I guess he figured that this patient just wasn’t worth the trouble.

We all go over to the front of the ambulance while the men in suits gag the patient, remove his restraints, and throw him in the back of their suburbans. One of them comes around to the front and tells us not to worry about the PCR (the standard bureaucratic form you do after every call) because they’ve already taken care of it. We got back in the ambulance and drove back, dropped the cops off, and went back to base. Nobody spoke the entire time. It was just surreal. I went back and passed out until probably 3 in the afternoon. I woke up so confused about the night before, and I called up the crew chief and we got together and tried to piece together the order of events. What I’ve typed out is pretty much what we remembered and the order in which we remembered it. I’ve been checking local news, but there doesn’t appear to be anything about the murder or who the victim was.

So here I am, still dazed from last night, and wondering just what the fuck anything is anymore. Seriously, can anyone here try to piece anything together? I don’t know who else would know more about secret government programs than you guys and I am just at a loss.

Edit: I just want to specify that due to privacy laws and my desire to maintain my own personal safety, I cannot get more specific on the location or identify of the patient. Patient privacy is an extremely serious matter and I would be violating numerous laws and ethical codes if I tried to be more specific.

Edit2: Thanks for the support, those of you who have given it. I think I’ve figured out what the next steps are. First, I do want to give this time. Considering that this entire series of events happened less than two days ago, I do want to give it some time for the local news to pick this up. Given the amount of cops that were at the scene, I’m sure that at least some local reporter is aware that there was a murder and is trying to get information. If nothing turns up from the media that can make this seem less suspicious though, I’m going to file a FOIA request to get the PCR that was filed for us and of any police records of the night.


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